About Us

Ippsis Translations was founded in 2003 to respond to the need for translations in highly specialised areas, such as law and finance, but also in other areas.

Eighteen years and more than forty million translated words later, we are celebrating our success by rebranding as: To The Letter.

A new name, the same commitment to quality. Our focus remains on specialist translations, offering speed, accuracy and the dedication for which we are known.

Isabel Hermanns Xavier

Founder of the company. Isabel has dual Portuguese and German nationality, and is fluent in four languages. With a degree and masters’ in languages from Universidade Clássica de Lisboa and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, she started her career in a US multinational, before setting up her own company in 2003. Passionate about languages and grammar, she handles client communications.

Isabel Xavier

The values we stand for:


We have the best translators in the market.

Being a good translator means a lot more than just speaking two languages. You need experience. And you need to know the specific terminology used in your specialist area.

Our translators specialise in a range of areas and all are native speakers in the target language, so that the final product is fluent and never stilted.

And then all our translation are carefully proof-read and formatted before we deliver them to the client.

These are the secrets of our success and guarantee that our translations are accurate, competitive and delivered on time.


In delivery dates, we mean what we say.

Efficiency means we never miss a deadline. Our clients’ needs are our absolute priority, so we never let them down.

By working with a team of translators we are able to respond to large orders with short turnarounds. Careful coordination means we get the finished translation to you on time.


Guaranteed confidentiality for all information you share.

We guarantee total confidentiality. All our staff have signed a confidentiality agreement and personal data are processed in accordance with Article 28.3 of the GDPR.

Whenever necessary, we formalise our commitment with an NDA.

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